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The Appliance Universe Helping You Understand Your Appliances

Reasons To Promptly Replace A Refrigerated Case Door Closer

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Supermarket refrigerated cases vary in design, but if you have cases that are equipped with one or more doors, there's a good chance that each door has a door closer. This is a simple part that causes the door to slowly close on its own once someone lets go of it. If you notice that the door is standing open, this is a clear sign that the door closer is broken. You'll want to promptly replace this part by purchasing a comparable one at a supermarket case parts supplier. Here are some reasons that it's important to replace a broken refrigerated case door closer.

Loss Of Efficiency

While you might expect that those who use your supermarket case will quickly close the door as soon as they're done retrieving one or more items, the reality is that this may not always happen. If someone leaves a door open, the door won't be able to close automatically, thus affecting the appliance's efficiency. Until someone approaches the unit and closes the door, the unit's interior temperature will start to climb. This will cause the unit to produce more cool air in an effort to lower the interior temperature, but this won't happen because the cold air will be able to escape through the open door. Repeated instances of this nature can increase your utility bills.

Risk Of Food Spoilage

Leaving the unit's door open allows the internal temperature to climb, which can increase the risk of food spoilage. If this happens several times throughout the day, you might start to worry about whether or not you should continue to offer the food in the case to your patrons. This can particularly be true if the case holds items that have a relatively short shelf life, such as sushi.

Potential For Injury

A refrigerated case that has an open door can also present an injury risk in your supermarket. For example, if a staff member comes around a corner and expects to have a clear path forward, they might walk into the door if someone else has left it open. This could result in an injury, as well as damage to the door if the person makes hard contact with it. The last thing that you want is an employee getting hurt because the unit's door is standing open. Replacing the door closer will ensure that this type of injury cannot occur. Shop for a replacement door closer for your make and model of a unit at a supermarket case parts supplier.


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