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4 Things To Look For When You Buy New Charcoal Barbecue Equipment

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If you enjoy cooking outdoors, or if you just want to learn how, you may wonder what type of barbecue equipment to buy. Popular choices are gas and charcoal. You'll find people who love each option, so there is no wrong or right choice. It just depends on your personal preferences.

Charcoal grills tend to be less expensive, so one of those is a good option for a starter grill, but they are also suitable for BBQ masters. Here's a look at options in charcoal barbecue grills and features you might look for when looking at barbecue equipment for sale.

Shape Of The Grill

Charcoal grilles come in barrel and kettle shapes. You can also find charcoal kamado grilles that have a tall, narrow design. You might choose the shape of the grill based on what you intend to cook the most. Kettle grills are popular, and they're good for cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. Kamado grills are good for slow-cooking larger cuts of meat, and barrel grills can cook almost anything.

Ways To Adjust Heat

Fans love charcoal grills because of the taste imparted by the charcoal and because they can learn to master fire. If you think you would enjoy starting the fire and controlling it while cooking food to get just the right flavor and texture, then you'd probably like cooking with charcoal and fire.

It's necessary to adjust the heat manually since there are no controls as there are on a gas grill. Adjustments are made by opening and closing air vents and by raising or lowering the grate that holds the food. The number of vents is important to note when buying a charcoal grill. You'll also want a grill with a crank handle that lets you raise or lower the grate easily.

Door For Adding More Charcoal

If you're slow-cooking meat, you might need to add more charcoal. Since airflow affects heat and cooking, you need a way to add charcoal without letting heat out or letting too much air inside. Some grills have a small door that opens so you can add charcoal more easily. The least expensive models may not have this feature and you might even have to move hot grates around to add more charcoal if there is no charcoal door.

Base That Makes The Grill Sturdy

Sturdiness is important for a grill. You don't want a grill to tip over, so choose a model that has a wide base. Choosing a grill on wheels may be best so you don't cause it to wobble from seasons of moving the grill from place to place manually.

Inexpensive charcoal grills may not be as sturdy as higher-quality models, so the base design is a feature you'll probably want to check out before you buy your new barbecue equipment.

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