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Features to Look For in Commercial Refrigeration Shelving

Reginald Thompson

If you sell refrigerated products in a store, you need a way to display them in a secure manner. That's possible thanks to commercial refrigeration shelving. Make sure you purchase shelving with features to improve your refrigeration storage.

Powder-Coated Surface

In addition to getting durable shelving for commercial refrigeration purposes, you want to make sure some type of powder coating comes included. First of all, powder-coated surfaces will make this shelving a lot easier to clean since substances won't be prone to sticking.

A powder-coated surface also increases the durability of this shelving. Whether it's bumped into or rubbed up against constantly, the powder coating is going to prevent structural damage from occurring. That's paramount for reducing the occurrence of scratching and denting. 

Antimicrobial Paint

Regardless of what food and drink products you plan on storing on commercial refrigeration shelving, they need to stay protected from microbial growth. Otherwise, the products you sell to consumers get contaminated and thus create safety issues. 

You'll be able to prevent this growth from the start if you focus on commercial refrigeration shelving that features antimicrobial paint. Your manufacturer can choose special paints that keep bacteria from being able to grow and spread around any part of the shelving, which is going to help you create a sterile environment for food and beverages in your store. 

Sag-Free Designs

If you had commercial refrigeration shelving that sagged, that can negatively impact your store's reputation because it would then look like you're not taking the necessary precautions to keep food and drinks protected. A way you can work around this issue with ease is to get commercial refrigeration shelving with sag-free designs.

The shelving will be able to hold a lot of weight at one time and will have special supportive mechanisms that reinforce particular areas. These design elements make a difference in keeping commercial refrigeration shelving straight and visually appealing. Then you can show customers you're taking the right precautions for displaying products you're looking to sell.

If you have a store and plan on selling refrigerated products, commercial refrigeration shelving is an important investment to get right early on. You can choose case parts that vary in size, materials, and designs. Keep searching until you find shelving that you can trust to hold up for a long time and comes with features that support food and beverages perfectly. 

If you're looking for case parts or refrigerated shelves, be sure to contact a supplier for more information.


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