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The Appliance Universe Helping You Understand Your Appliances

What To Do When Your Washing Machine Starts Acting Up

Reginald Thompson

The washing machine in your home can be a huge convenience when it works correctly, but it can be challenging to figure out what the problem is if the washer is malfunctioning. Modern washers are complicated machines with electronic controllers and circuits built-in that typically require an appliance repair service to diagnose and repair. 

Cycles And Timers

One of the most critical parts of your washing machine is the cycle timer that determines how long each part of the cycle will last. Older washers used a timer system to control these changes from washing to rinsing and then spinning the clothing in the machine. 

The cycle timers in modern machines are often not a timer at all. Rather, they have an electronic controller that is part of a small computer within the washer. If the timer stops working in an older machine, an appliance repair tech can replace that part. However, in newer machines, the same failure could be related to many parts of the system, and often a computer diagnostic is necessary to determine what is causing the issue. 

A failure like this could mean replacing the controller and syncing it with the primary control in the machine. Often that requires knowledge of the system and the right tools to do the job.

Drive Systems

Another common failure point on older washing machines is the drive belt under the machine. The belt connects to a larger pulley under the drum and then to an electric motor that spins the drum at the right time. 

These belt drive systems are still in use on some machines but have been mainly replaced by gear drive systems that are more efficient and often do not wear away like the belt drives. Moving to gear drive transmissions has allowed front loading and high-speed machines to be more common, but if the drive system begins to go, it will require an appliance repair technician to come and fix it. 

Often, a failing drive system will begin to make a whining or grinding noise, or it could make a sound like a bang and stop working altogether. The appliance repair tech will inspect the drive system and determine if replacing it is necessary, then order the parts for your specific machine. 

Pump Failures

Like the drive system, modern washing machines have larger, more efficient pumps to empty the water from the washing machine. The pumps are durable, but they can fail from time to time. If your machine stops pumping water out of the washer, you will need an appliance repair service to pump the water out and then check the pump inside the machine.

Replacing the pump is a straightforward repair, but it is often best for a professional with the right tools and training. If the pump is not installed correctly, it can leak, leaving water on the floor under and around the machine. Contact an appliance repair service to learn more.


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