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The Appliance Universe Helping You Understand Your Appliances

Advantages Of Buying A Stand-Up Freezer

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Your home's freezer will be important for allowing you to safely store foods for long periods of time. While freezers are an extremely common appliance for homeowners to have, it can be a reality that people may underestimate the options that are available to them when they decide to buy a new freezer for their homes. In particular, stand-up freezers are an alternative to chest-style freezers that can offer some useful benefits.

Better Accessibility And Organization

A stand-up freezer will typically be much easier to organize, and it is likely to have better organizational options than a chest freezer. This is largely due to the shelving that these freezer systems can offer. In contrast, a chest-style freezer will typically simply have items stacked on top of each other. This can make it much harder to find the specific items that you are wanting from the freezer.

Easy To Clean

Your freezer's interior will need to be cleaned somewhat frequently. Otherwise, it can develop foul odors that may impact the taste of the food that you are storing. A chest freezer can be fairly difficult to clean, as it can actually be somewhat difficult to reach the bottom of the freezer to scrub it. A stand-up freezer can be extremely easy to clean as you will be able to do this while you are standing upright. While you might think that the shelving in these freezer units will be more difficult to clean, these shelves can often be removed. As a result, thoroughly cleaning them can be an extremely easy task for you to do. For those with mobility issues or that would otherwise have a difficult time cleaning their freezer unit, these can be especially useful benefits for choosing this style of freezer.

More Space Efficient

For those living in smaller homes, the amount of space that they have available to them for a freezer may be very limited. Unfortunately, chest-style freezers are often fairly wide, which can make it harder to place them in an area without impacting the paths that people will need to take. Conversely, a stand-up freezer will be of a smaller size, which can make it easier to find a place in the home to put the freezer. If you are able to palace your freezer near your refrigerator, you may want to take the time to thoroughly measure the depth of the refrigerator so that you can try to choose a freezer that will be close in size. Otherwise, one may protrude from the wall noticeably more than the other.


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